Long time no see! A couple weeks ago I went on a fabulous cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, the world’s biggest cruise ship. I had low expectations — I expected to be seasick, feel trapped, and overwhelmed by the amount of people (6K passengers + 2K crew). But the ship was SO humongous that even with the amount of people, you could go to certain areas of the ship and be completely alone.

We also had a balcony room facing the ocean, which I would highly recommend. When jerks people would drop a towel and a single article of clothing on the best chairs near the pools facing the ocean, reserving the chairs for hours, I could just go to our private balcony, to read and relax. Since the Allure has mostly balcony rooms, it wasn’t even much more expensive.

I read FIVE books during the cruise, which I still haven’t had time to review here or on Goodreads yet, so stay tuned:

Last week, my blogging efforts here were put on hold due to a severely busy work week (I know, I know, work/life balance), suddenly (and frantically) needing to find a new cat sitter, and starting a new ebook for my U Stand Out site. But I’m back, and considering vlogging! I need to get a desk tripod, mic, and possibly camera before that gets under way, but it’s coming. Without further ado, here are my posts from the past week:

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