It’s been a busy week! I write content all over the place — on this blog, for my employer HubSpot’s blog, for my internet marketing blog, and now I’m starting to write book reviews on Goodreads. That’s a lot! So I thought it would be good to start a weekly digest where I can compile all the content in one place.

How to Write a Twitter Bio that Gets You More Followers

Twitter Bio Get More FollowersIn this post, you’ll learn 10 tips on how to craft the perfect Twitter bio so you can get more Twitter followers. These include how to cram as much info into 160 measly characters, why you should avoid using too many hashtags, and how to make yourself look important (because you are, obviously). Read this >



The Right Way to Answer a Work Email

Right Way to Answer EmailsThe sad truth is we spend 28% of our workweeks reading, writing, or responding to emails. What a waste of time! In this post, I offer some tips on how to answer emails efficiently so you don’t waste your time — or your colleagues’ time. Read this >



Starting to Write Goodreads Reviews

Bird By Bird Book ReviewGoodreads is a really important marketing tool for authors. While I have no idea if/when I’ll get a book deal, I want to be proactive and start participating in the Goodreads community, build a network, and contribute reviews. I wrote my first Goodreads review here, and I cross-posted it to Amazon as well as my blog. I’m not sure if I’ll cross-publish every review to this blog… maybe only the ones that make sense for my own potential audience.

The interesting thing is, many authors start blogs with tips for other writers in an effort to promote their novel. However, other writers usually aren’t authors’ intended audience. I can see myself falling into this trap — while I want to share my experiences to help other writers (because I tend to enjoy teaching others what I’ve learned, hence the marketing blog and so on), I shouldn’t spend all my marketing efforts writing about writing tips. So I’m going to start creating content around YA novels similar to mine in an effort to reach the right audience.

Wish me luck!

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