It’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday! And it’s impossible to believe that tomorrow’s May — us Bostonians are still suffering from frigid temps and icy wind gusts. If it doesn’t get warmer soon, I’m caving and buying a snuggie for work. No joke.

Here are my latest posts from around the interwebs:

How to Filter Out Twitter Spammers When Following Trending Hashtags

Filter Out Twitter SpammersIf you ever follow hashtags during a pitch contest like #PitMad, a webinar, a conference, or a TV show, you may have noticed the stream quickly be cluttered by Twitter spammers. They try to overtake the conversation with their spam links, but fortunately, there’s an easy way to filter them out! Read more > 


Not Generating Enough Leads From Your Website? Here Are 7 Easy Fixes.

Lead Generation MistakesIf you’re marketing anything on your website, you probably should be collecting leads or email subscribers. But lots of marketers make mistakes here that keep people from signing up. Don’t worry — these mistakes are common, and have easy fixes. Read more >


There will be no weekly digest next week. Happy almost-May!

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