I hope you’re doing well! If you responded to my survey last week about Under the Surface, thank you SO MUCH. If you didn’t, you’re now locked in a room and have one hour to decide no worries at all, and thank you for staying subscribed to my author updates!

Until now, I haven’t sent my newsletters with any sort of consistency. To be honest, it’s been overwhelming to brainstorm more things to write on top of my books. But so many people responded to my survey with such kind words and wonderful suggestions for future topics, and it inspired me to finalize list of email topics for the next few months. Now, instead of being overwhelming, it feels like a heck of a lot of fun. And since Under the Surface releases exactly 6 months from today, I wanted to share this list with you!

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First, a quick note: Several people mentioned that my emails have been going to their Gmail “Promotions” tab. I asked my Discord if this was happening to them, and most replied that my emails are going into their Primary tab. I don’t know why it’s different for some folks, but if you find me in your Promotions tab, just drag-and-drop my latest email into your Primary tab, and that’s where I’ll end up from now on. 😊

Okay, moving on! Here are the emails you can expect from me about Under the Surface in the lead-up to launch. Note that the dates or the order may change depending on my schedule.

  • 3/14: How I came up with the idea
  • 3/28: Annotated prologue (with a line-by-line breakdown)
  • 4/11: Inspiration: Pinterest board & playlist
  • 4/25: Meet the characters!
  • 5/15: Fascinating facts about the Paris catacombs I learned while researching
  • 5/28: Quick tangent: Lying in the Deep is out in paperback today!
  • 6/13: My favorite quotes from Under the Surface (with shareable graphics)
  • 6/27: Preorder incentive reveal (2 months from launch)
  • 7/11: Discussion guide for book clubs and teachers (existing guides here)
  • 7/25: Q&A about the book
  • 8/13: Launch day celebration!

BUT FIRST! I got many requests to do a Q&A about my existing books and my publishing experience in general, so let’s start there on 2/27, and then we’ll dive into UTS content. Please drop a comment below and ask me any questions you have! I’ll answer them in the next email.

As you can see, I’ll be sending an email twice a month. If that’s too much and you’re like “GAHHHHHH I don’t want to see this Diana Urban person in my inbox anymore!” I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe. Feel free to follow me on social media instead (Instagram | TikTok | Threads), and you can find the newsletter archive any time on my website here.

But I hope you do stick around, and I’m really excited to share all this content with you. Thanks as always for being part of my publishing journey — I’m so happy you’re here!!

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You’ll be the first to know about new books, sneak peeks, the behind-the-scenes scoop, and more. PLUS get community access and a free short story right away!

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You’ll be the first to know about new books, sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes scoop, and more. PLUS get community access and a free short story right away!

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