Hashtags organize the chaos on Twitter. They’re a great way to have conversations around specific topics, events, and contests, and connect with agents, editors, publishers, and other authors. There are over 100 hashtags that writers should know about. But there are a few specific ones that will help in your pursuit of signing with a literary agent.

Last month when I started the query process, I quickly learned that many of the top literary agents, editors, and publishing houses have a presence on Twitter. There are several hashtags I followed to get advice, insights, and inspiration when starting to query agents. Here are the best ones (because really, who has time to monitor 100 hashtags?):

Agent Advice:

  • #AskAgent – agents will host impromptu Q/A sessions at any time
  • #QueryTip – tips on writing queries
  • #TenQueries – agents critique ten queries in their inbox
  • #MSWL – agents will share their “manuscript wish list”
  • #WriteTip – various writing tips from agents, editors, and more
  • #PubTip – helpful if you’re considering self-publishing
  • #SlushWorks – follow this hashtag for some inspiration; both agents and authors share slush pile success stories

Pitch Contests:

  • #PitMad – all genres
  • #PitchMas – same as #PitMad but in December
  • #AdPit – adult and N/A only

Writer Chats

  • #YALitChat – Wednesdays at 9PM EST – for Young Adult writers about writing and publishing
  • #NALitChat – Thursdays at 9PM EST – for New Adult writers about all things NA literature
  • #twdtopic – Tuesdays at 9PM EST – for all writers discussing publishing and writing-related topics

*If anyone knows of any more, please comment below and I will keep this list updated.

How to Follow Multiple Hashtags

1. Install Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter, and lets you view multiple streams in one view. I personally use the Chrome extension, and I love it.

2. Click the plus sign (+) in the left-hand navigation to add a column.

Tweetdeck Add Column

3. Select the Search column type.

Search Column

4. Search for the hashtag you want to follow and click Add Column.


5. Repeat for any other hashtag you want to add!

That’s it! Now you can easily track multiple hashtags in one view.

If anyone knows of any hashtags they would recommend I add to this list, please let me know in the comments below.

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