For Teachers, Librarians, and Book Clubs

Create an interactive experience for your students or members with any of the options below!

Option 1: Discussion Guides

A fantastic FREE supplement to your class or library book club discussions to facilitate conversation and provide bonus content, including interactive PDFs, character illustrations, maps, and more.

Diana Urban Books Discussion Guides
Diana Urban's Books - Bookmarks and Autographed Book Plates

Option 2: Autograph & Bookmarks

Order or preorder at least 10 copies of any of my books, and I will mail you an autographed bookplate sticker and a bookmark for each student or book club member at no additional cost.

Option 3: Virtual Class Visit

I will give your students a 45-60 minute presentation (depending on the length of a period at your school!) on my writing process and Q&A. Requires a minimum book order & visit fee.

Diana Urban Class Visit