Join Diana Urban's Street Team

Why join my street team?

My street team is a group of readers who love my books, and are willing to leave reviews and help me promote them from time to time. I know asking you to help spread the word is kind of a big ask, so I’ll offer a few things I hope will make it worth your while:

  • Free content. Upon joining, you’ll get a free short story right away. You’ll also get access to exclusive giveaways, including ARCs, final copies, and international editions.
  • Free swag. As a reward for helping me out, I’ll mail you free swag as it becomes available!
  • Sneak peeks. You’ll be the first to know about my latest projects.
  • Book chats. Get access to the team Facebook Group and/or Discord (your choice!) to join our Q&As and chat with other wonderful members!
  • Access to yours truly. FWIW, I regularly check the Facebook Group and Discord and will pop in to answer your questions and chat!

Please note that this group is open internationally, but I can only mail items within the US. Also, I ask that all applicants please read at least one of my books first to ensure you enjoy my work before joining.

I hope you’re as excited to join as I am to welcome you to the team!


*My email service provider automatically unsubscribes anyone who has not opened and/or clicked on any of the past 10 emails.