Okay, so first, a disclaimer: I’ve loved Star Wars since forever. I first saw it in theaters when the special edition of Episode IV came out, and since then I’ve seen all six movies (yes, even the prequels) dozens of times. Whatever. I’m a nerd. And like everyone else, I’ve looked forward to The Force Awakens, and I loved it. I’ve seen it in theaters twice already.

I also love Disney. Everything Disney. I’ve been to Disney World and Disneyland… many times. Let’s just put it at that. </gush over>

But this little thing happened where Disney’s marketing team basically took over the universe around the release of The Force Awakens. And not just on TV or online — you can’t even step into a grocery store without feeling the urgent need to drive to the movie theater.

Star Wars. Is. Everwhere.

It was obvious Disney was going a bit nuts when I went grocery shopping about a week ago.

Star Wars Vitamins Instagram

And okay fine… Flintstones vitamins have been around forever. I get it. But when I went to Target a couple days later, it got extreme. You couldn’t turn around without seeing Star Wars on a myriad of unrelated items.

Like this BB8 bike helmet (hi, that’s meeee!).

Diana Urban BB8 Helmet

Or this bike protective gear.

Star Wars Protective Gear

And this bike vest. Basically, if you’re a kid biking without Star Wars gear, for shame.

Star Wars Bike Vest

Oh, you thought we were done with bike-related items? Nope… there’s also this bike.

Star Wars Bike

And this backpack.

Star Wars Backpack

And this art kit.

Star Wars Art Kit

And these Band-Aids.

Star Wars Band-Aids

And this blanket. Who doesn’t want to cuddle with a Storm Trooper?

Star Wars Blanket

And this weird pillow thing.

Star Wars Pillow Thing

And these PJs.

Star Wars PJs

And these other PJs.

Star Wars PJs

And… yet more PJs. Guys, these weren’t even the last of the PJs… I just got tired of taking pictures of pajamas.

Star Wars PJs

And this hat.

Star Wars Hat

Let’s not even bother with the toy section, which transformed into a Star Wars section.

BB8 Toy Display

Where these life-sized Star Wars figures are clearly going to come to life March-of-the-Wooden-Soldiers and destroy us all. (Soccer ball intentionally placed for scale.)

Life Size Star Wars Figures

Let’s not forget about this box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Star Wars Cinnamon Toast Crunch

And this box of Cheerios.

Star Wars Cheerios

And this limited edition cereal.

Star Wars Cereal

Oh snap, more limited edition cereal.

Star Wars Cereal

And these Cheez Its.

Star Wars Cheez Its

And this bag of Chex Mix.

Star Wars Chex Mix

And these Honey Maid cracker things.

Star Wars Honey Maid

And this yogurt.

Star Wars Yogurt

And this Gogurt.

Star Wars Gogurt

And this Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.Star Wars Kraft Mac and Cheese

Bonus: the single-serve variety!

Star Wars Kraft Mac and Cheese Single Serve

And this display of Valentine’s Day candy.

Star Wars Valentine's Candy

And this humidifier. (This was my WTF-the-world-is-crumbling moment.)

Star Wars R2D2 Humidifier

And this luggage tag. Because really, don’t you need Star Wars on the go?

Star Wars Luggage Tag

And, to come full circle, we’re back at more vitamins.

Star Wars Vitamins

In summary, everyone on Disney’s marketing team deserves raises or some sort of all-expenses-paid vacation. From one marketing person to another, kudos. The force is strong with you and your jedi mind tricks.

Please excuse the quality of the photos and the fact that I didn’t take a picture of every single Star Wars item I found… I didn’t want to spend my entire night in Target.

What’s the most random Star Wars co-branding you’ve seen? Let me know in the comments below!

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