In just a few days, Twitter pitch season begins with #PitMad, which I’m helping Brenda Drake host this time around! It’s a contest in which authors can pitch their novel in 140 characters or less using the hashtag #PitMad and their genre. You can pitch twice per hour from 8am to 8pm EST. Literary agents monitor the feed throughout the day and favorite the pitches they like. When an agent favorites your tweet, it’s an invitation to send them your query.

This is HUGE. Getting a #PitMad fave usually moves you to the top of the agent’s slush pile. This is how I got my agent earlier this year, so trust me — this really, really works. That means you should be prepared by the time Thursday rolls around! I though it would be helpful to provide a place for people to share their pitches and get feedback.

Simply comment below with your pitch, and make sure to give your feedback to at least one other author. (In the beginning, there won’t be many comments yet, so keep checking back so you can share your feedback later). I’ll provide feedback as often as I can as well!

Resources to help you craft your pitches

  • Rules and hashtags: Review the official #PitMad rules and find your genre hashtag.
  • Excel template: Use this to plan and schedule your pitches, and ensure you stick to 140 characters or less.
  • My #PitMad story: Read how #PitMad got me an agent and my tips for writing pitches.

Hire experts to help

While it’s great to get feedback from the community, sometimes it’s worth getting an expert to help you craft the perfect pitch. Here are a couple pros I’d recommend if you decide to go down that route. (These are not affiliate links and these folks didn’t ask me to link to them, so you can trust the recommendations!)

  • Lauren Spieller – Editorial Intern at Sourcebooks and #PitchWars Mentor – $20 + you’ll get free query critique!
  • Naomi Hughes – Editorial Intern at Entangled Publishing and #PitchWars Mentor – $15

Share this post! Here are some ready-made tweets

Spread the word about this post so other authors can swing by and critique your pitch! The more people who stop by, the more feedback you’ll get. I’ll stop by as often as I can, but I’m busy #amwriting and on Monday I’ll be back in the office, so I can’t promise super-fast response times. Point being: the more the merrier!

Click to tweet: 12/4 #PitMad Pitch Practice — Get & Give Feedback Here!

Click to tweet: Just posted my #PitMad practice pitch here – Can you give me feedback? Get feedback for your own pitch, too!

Click to tweet: Practice your #PitMad pitch! Share it here & get feedback from other authors, including #PitMad alum @DianaUrban.

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