Yesterday I published my first ebook for BookBub! It’s called The Ultimate Collection of Book Marketing Examples, and it has 180+ book marketing examples from authors and publishers. I’m really happy this ebook is out in the world, and hope it helps inspire authors and publishers to get creative with their online marketing content.

Here’s the description:

As an author or a marketer at a publishing house, there’s a wide array of marketing tactics at your disposal, from author websites to social media channels. But simply creating a static website page or claiming an Instagram account isn’t enough — you need to share great content on your social channels.

To inspire you for this challenge, we created The Ultimate Collection of Book Marketing Examples. In this flipbook, we compiled more than 180 real-world examples of authors and publishers using content marketing and social media to reach readers. This collection is a great starting point for anybody developing a book marketing plan.

You can downloaded it here for free on the BookBub Partners Blog. (You’ll just need to enter your email address if you’re not already subscribed to that blog.)

I know my last couple blog updates have been about my job at BookBub! I’ve been busy drafting my third Young Adult thriller, which means I don’t have much time to blog. I’d been fiddling around with a couple other drafts (another YA thriller and an MG paranormal thriller), but this new idea popped into my head that I’m so excited about, so I’m putting aside the other drafts for now. The publishing process is… err… long and arduous, so I need to be thrilled about what I’m working on. Writing shouldn’t feel like a chore!

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