I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining BookBub as their Industry Marketing Manager. In case you’re not familiar, BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover great ebook deals (primarily via email today), giving publishers and authors a way to drive sales and find new fans.

I’ve been a customer for months, and if you’re an avid reader, it’s incredibly useful. I’ve already discovered a bunch of great Young Adult novels through their daily deals email — you can specify which genres you’re interested in, so each email is personalized to your tastes. And each book is usually free or just $0.99-$1.99.

I haven’t actually started this job yet, so I swear that whole spiel was just me as a reader getting excited about finding great inexpensive books.

Okay, so here’s why I’m so excited to join:

My life gets to be all about books

I write books. I also read a lot of books. My idea of a perfect day is to sit somewhere (preferably facing an ocean, but anywhere will do, really) and read a book.

So during the day, I’ll get to talk to authors and publishers about marketing and selling their books. And then I’ll go home at night and write my own books. And then I’ll get to wake up the next morning and talk about books again. You guys, this gets me so excited I feel like I’m in some alternate universe where some job fairy fluttered down to Earth and tapped me on the head with her magic wand and said, “Of course, Diana, you can have your dream job now.”

Excited about literary agent

BookBub is an amazing company

I couldn’t have found a better fit. It’s an exciting Boston startup, the team is fantastic, the mission is something I’m passionate about, and their numbers are stellar. They already have 4.5 million email subscribers, and if you check out their Facebook page, you can see how engaged readers are. Authors love them too — last week they hosted a live Q&A on Kboards, and authors are so excited about BookBub’s service, many saying sales soared after promoting their books with BookBub. It feels like a company that’s going to be a rocketship. I had that same feeling about HubSpot when I joined 4.5 years ago, and hey, they went public a few months ago.

I’ll be teaching (and learning!) how to market books

I was a marketer at HubSpot for four years, and I got lots of inbound marketing experience there. I will be focusing on growing awareness of BookBub in the publishing industry and turning their Unbound Blog into the ultimate resource for authors and publishers to learn about book marketing. I’ll get to share my knowledge, but also learn advanced book marketing tactics. This means I’ll be interviewing authors and publishers about what’s worked for them, what hasn’t, how they use price promotions as a tactic, etc. For my job. Again, thank you job fairy.

I’ll learn a ton about the publishing industry

Ever since I readied to query my first novel, I’ve learned a ton about publishing. Now I’ll get to learn even more. I can’t wait to hear from publishers what they need help with and what their challenges in the digital landscape are, and discover how BookBub can help them sell many, many more books.

If you are an author trying to sell more books, whether you’ve run a BookBub promotion or not, or whether you’re traditionally or indie published, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch here if you’d like to chat. I want to figure out what content I can create at BookBub to help you market and sell more books.

Hello, book conferences

One of my responsibilities will be to help manage our presence at events like BEA (Book Expo of America). And teach people more about marketing and selling books. And talk about books. And throw parties for authors and publishers. In places like New York City. Um. Excuse me while I go die of happiness right now. (BTW, if you have any events you’d recommend BookBub attend, please let me know.)

I really could go on with this list, but I don’t want to seem like I’m humble-bragging. 😉

There is a small elephant in the room. As you might know from following me on Twitter, or on this blog, you know I left HubSpot a few months ago for another startup in Boston.

Here’s the thing. Life is short. You can’t always control when opportunities arise, and you can’t be a slave to timing or fear of what people might think. I wish the team I’m leaving all the best, and they’ve been incredibly understanding and supportive.

I feel lucky as a 20-something to know what I want to do with my life: to write books, to market books, to sell books, and to help other authors and publishers do the same thing. I’m so excited to join this awesome company and help them grow into something huge.

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