Social media is an important element of any author’s online platform. According to a survey of 6,000 readers by Marie Force, 69% of readers use Facebook to find information about their favorite author, and 88% of readers follow their favorite author on Facebook. Whether you have a page, public profile, or group, you can brand your Facebook presence with a unique cover photo design.

Your online platform should always look polished and professional, and make it easy for readers to connect you with your books. Also, whenever someone likes your page, follows your profile, friends you, or joins your group, your cover photo will appear on her News Feed for her friends to see (a percentage of which is determined by Facebook’s algorithm, but regardless, some people will see it). Your cover photo will also appear on fans’ News Feeds whenever you update it.

Philippa Gregory Facebook Page

If you don’t have a professional designer at your disposal, here are some quick tips for spinning up a great Facebook cover photo:

  • The full dimensions of the cover photo are 851px wide by 315px tall.
  • To ensure your design isn’t cut off on mobile, on people’s news feeds, or upon their first visit to your page, try to fit your most important design elements within the bottom 150px and middle 563px. Still confused? This guide to Facebook’s dimensions should help.

Facebook Page Dimensions

Facebook Page Canva

Here are some ideas for what to include in your cover photo and examples to give you inspiration. The designs below are from a mix of traditionally and independently published authors. Whether you’re a designer at a publishing house or a self-published author, these can be a source of inspiration for any of your book marketing campaigns, even if you decide against having a Facebook presence.

Show a sneak peek of an upcoming book release

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is a rare example of an author who has intelligently designed his cover photo to work with the default view of a Facebook page:

Dean Koontz Facebook Page

When you scroll up, the full cover photo is revealed. Most Facebook page managers (not just authors) forget to optimize for this, and the top of their cover photo is cut off upon a user’s first impression or when it appears in someone’s News Feed.

Dean Koontz Facebook Page

Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber Facebook Page

Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory

Lee Child

Lee Child Facebook Page

M.S. Parker

MS Parker Facebook Page

Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais Facebook Page

Show off your newest release

Julie James

Julie James Facebook Page

Lauren Weisberger

Lauren Weisberger Facebook Page

Cheryl Bradshaw

Cheryl Bradshaw Facebook Page

Stephen King

Stephen King Facebook Page

Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak Facebook Page

Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford Facebook Page

Nancy Herkness

Nancy Herkness Facebook Page

Jeanne Mackin

Jeanne Mackin Facebook Page

James Patterson

James Patterson Facebook Page

Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman Facebook Page

Sejal Badani

Sejal Badani Facebook Page

Ellie Wade

Ellie Wade Facebook Page

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva Facebook Page

Kelly Oram

Kelly Oram Facebook Page

Showcase a book series

Susan Ee

Susan Ee Facebook Page

Theresa Ragan

Theresa Ragan Facebook Page

James Dashner

James Dashner Facebook Page

Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter Facebook Page

Susan Hatler

Susan Hatler Facebook Page

Claire Cook

Claire Cook Facebook Page

Showcase books from your backlist

Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy Facebook Page

And look at that perfectly optimized cover photo!

Barbara Freethy Facebook Page

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover Facebook Page

Colleen has her cover photo optimized perfectly, too.

Colleen Hoover Facebook Page

Claire Delacroix

Claire Delacroix Facebook Page

Show a scene or artwork from your book

Daniel Arenson

Daniel Arenson Facebook Page

Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey Facebook Page

Promote a book discount

Laurelin Paige

Laurelin Paige Facebook Page

RaShelle Workman

RaShelle Workman Facebook Page

Promote your international presence

Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty Facebook Page

Show off your unique personality

Tanya Anne Crosby

Tanya Anne Crosby Facebook Page

George R.R. Martin

George RR Martin Facebook Page

Allison Parr

Allison Parr Facebook Page

Brené Brown

Brene Brown Facebook page

Veronica Rossi

Veronica Rossi Facebook Page

As you can see, the options for what to include in your Facebook designs are limitless. You can promote any one of your books, show off your extensive backlist, or push a particular marketing campaign. No matter the focus of your creative, the best designs are unique, polished, and professional.

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