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Just a sec! Please note before sending your message:

  • For book rights or blurbs, contact my literary agent Jim McCarthy of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC.
  • For film and TV rights, contact my film agent Kim Yau of Echo Lake Entertainment.
  • My snail mail address is: P.O. Box 410341, Cambridge, MA 02141
  • If you’d like to request an ARC of my next book, please contact my publisher instead. Details are in the first FAQ below.
  • If you’re requesting an interview, please specify where it would be published.
  • I can’t offer free 1:1 advice on how you can get published or market your book. Here’s why.

More FAQs are below! I look forward to reading your message and truly appreciate that you’re taking the time to reach out.


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How can I get an ARC of Under the Surface?

eARCs: Available to request on Edelweiss and NetGalley.

Print ARCs for the media & trade publications: For U.S. media inquiries and publicity requests, please contact:

Print ARCs for book bloggers: All requests for print ARCs must go directly through my publisher. Please email and include:

  • Subject line: “Penguin Teen Influencer Request – Under the Surface”
  • Your social media handle(s)
  • Hyperlink to your account’s URL(s)
  • Relevant statistics (subscriber counts, followers, etc.)

A note from PRH: Galley quantities are limited. We reserve the right to send galleys at our discretion. To ensure our compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we are not able to work with influencers who are below the age of 13. We only mail books domestically (within the continental U.S., Alaska, or Hawaii). If you are an international Book Influencer who is outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact our international publicity team at

Will you be writing a sequel to any of your books?

I’m so thrilled you’re interested in a sequel! There are currently no plans for any sequels for All Your Twisted Secrets, These Deadly Games, nor Lying in the Deep, though readers frequently ask me for them, and do I have ideas for what happens next to all these characters. Sadly, it’s not my call. But you can see how to help make it happen here.

How can I join your reader group? (And where did your street team go?)

Click here to sign up for Diana Urban’s Thrill Seekers. Once you do, you’ll get an email with a link to the Facebook group and Discord, and you can join whichever you’d prefer (or both!).

This group was previously my street team, but as the team grew and I switched to a new publisher, I could no longer provide all members with early ARCs. It didn’t seem fair to continue the expectation that members promote my new book if they couldn’t even read it yet! Now this reader group is a more casual place for fun book chats and access to yours truly, since I pop in to the FB and Discord to answer questions and chat.

Are you available for freelance video game writing work?

Yes! I’m available for freelance video game writing or editing, and possibly narrative design depending on the scope of your project. I’m currently working on video game projects for StoryLoom — see my completed and in-progress games here — and can take on more freelance work as my publishing schedule allows. Please complete the form above so we can start the conversation!

Are you available for hire as a marketing consultant or website designer?

Not currently. For now I’m only taking on freelance projects in video game writing. If I decide to offer freelance marketing or website design consulting again in the future, I’ll update this FAQ.

Are you open to blurb requests?

Due to my publishing deadlines and freelance workload, I am closed to new blurb requests. Thank you for understanding!

For all requests, please contact my literary agent Jim McCarthy of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC.

I'd like to modify or cancel an order of your book. Can you help?

If you’d like to modify or cancel an order of one of my books, please contact the retailer from which you placed the order instead. In general, authors don’t have the ability to help with requests like this.

Can I ask you a question about BookBub?

I no longer work at BookBub, and would not want to lead you astray with outdated information! Please email your questions to instead.