Today I’m thrilled to show you the absolutely stunning preorder gift for Lying in the Deep, a romantic, stabby stabby thrill ride where a girl is trapped on a Semester-at-Sea style cruise with a killer… but everyone thinks she did it.

Here are a few places where you can preorder the hardcover:

>> Then upload your receipt on my website here to claim your gift! <<

What the Gift Includes

  • Charm necklace (a miniature of the dagger in the book!) – exclusive to Trident orders
  • Sunning character illustration (design by Chinthaka Pradeep)
  • Campus on Board deck plan
  • Bookmark
  • My autograph (in the book for Trident orders, as a bookplate for other retailers)

PLUS you’ll get an email with the first 50 pages of Lying in the Deep right away, and on May 2 you’ll get an email with the high-res illustration, deck plan PDF, and exclusive Q&A.

Lying in the Deep - Preorder Gift

How to Get the Gift

Option 1: Trident

Order an autographed hardcover from Trident Booksellers. Your gift will include a charm necklace (a miniature of the dagger in the book!), character illustration, deck plan, and bookmark, and will be mailed with the book!. Please specify how you’d like your copy personalized in the “order comments” section upon checkout.

Then upload your receipt on my website to get the digital goodies as well. Even if you don’t upload your receipt, you’ll still get the swag pack with your book.

Option 2: Any other retailer

Order a hardcover from any other retailer. Your gift will include a character illustration, deck plan, bookmark, and a signed book plate, and will be mailed separately. Note that this gift does not include the charm necklace — that’s exclusively for Trident orders.

Then upload your receipt on my website so I know where to mail your gift!

For more details about the official rules and restrictions, please refer to the preorder gift page.

Digital Gift for International Preorders & Library Requests

Due to rights and budgeting restrictions, the swag pack is only available to US residents (and Canadian residents if ordering through Trident). However, I’m offering a digital gift to anyone who preorders internationally or requests Lying in the Deep at their local library!

On May 2, 2023 you’ll get an email with a high-res character illustration, Campus on Board deck plan, and an author Q&A!

Answers to a few FAQs

1. Yes, any preorder you placed before today still counts! Yay! Just submit the receipt you already have to claim your gift.

2. If you order an autographed copy through Trident Booksellers, let me know how you want your copy personalized by completing the “order comments” section upon checkout on their website. That’s not something you can do on my website. (When I show up to the bookstore to sign all the copies, the helpful booksellers will have stuck the order form in each book so I can see all your notes and know what to do.)

3. Yes, this is also a chance order signed/personal copies of my other two books if you’d like! Just add those to your cart on this Trident Booksellers page and let me know in the “order comments” how you’d like those personalized, too!

Lying in the Deep Preorder Gift - Character Illustration Closeup

Lying in the Deep Preorder Gift - Necklace Closeup

Just 2.5 months until this book comes out, and I’m so excited to take you on this romantic, escapist adventure. Have a great day!

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