As the Industry Marketing Manager at BookBub, I write a lot about book marketing and publishing tactics on the BookBub Partners Blog. While most posts are in-depth about one particular topic, I wanted to publish a bigger, high-level piece of content that would be insanely helpful to all kinds of authors — whether self-published or traditionally published, at all stages of publishing. I know it can be overwhelming to come up with book promotion ideas, so my goal was to provide something that would help authors brainstorm and spark inspiration.

Yesterday, I launched the biggest content piece for BookBub Partners yet — 98 Book Marketing Ideas. The reaction amongst the writing community has been amazing! It makes me so happy to see how useful authors are finding this list of ideas. I know a lot of authors subscribe to my personal blog, so I wanted to share this here as well. While authors who have been doing their own marketing for a while will be familiar with many of these tactics, hopefully the are some new ideas in there for everyone.

You can visit the original article on BookBub here, where you can easily tweet each individual tip! Here is the presentation:

I’m also really excited to someday be able to use these tips to market my own novels. *Cracks knuckles.* Until then, I hope other authors out there find this useful!

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