Yes, it’s true. I’m leaving HubSpot for an amazing opportunity at Localytics, where I’ll be running marketing for their Professional product. I’m SO excited, but it’s bittersweet. It’s been a great four years. I posted this to the internal wiki at HubSpot as a way to say goodbye, and wanted to post it here as well (though I did edit a bit for public consumption). HubSpot is an amazing company, and I was lucky to work there.

I told myself I would not write a sappy “goodbye” wiki post. So much for that.

I remember meeting Brian Halligan like it was yesterday. The day after six grueling hours of interviews, the IMC managers wanted me to meet with Halligan before making an offer. We sat in old Jobs, I passed him my resume, and he passed me his laptop and told me to show him what I was passionate about. I showed him my social media blog and Twitter profile. He nodded, and asked if I had any questions. I asked stupid questions (“how did you come up with the name HubSpot?”). He glanced at my resume and asked why I was a “job hopper.” It was sort of true — I’d only stayed at my previous two companies about a year each, but I’d tried the “Mad Men” agency life and it wasn’t for me. And I was sort of obsessed with HubSpot.

He said, “Promise me that you’ll stay here at least two years. Give us a chance for at least that long.”

I promised I’d stay at least two years.

I stayed for four.

These days, four years is a long time for a 20-something to be at one company. But there are good reasons I stayed that long, and why I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work here.

1. I got to work with the smartest people I’ve ever met

My first year at HubSpot, I felt like a wide-eyed 11-year-old during my first year at Hogwarts. There was no better place for young marketer to learn from the best. I got to work with HubSpot legends – Lucy Orloski, Kyle James, Brian Whalley, Ben Smith, Brian Rogers, Jenn Yorke, I could go on and on here. Many of these early HubSpotters still work here today – Mark Kilens, Mike Ewing, Magdalena Georgieva, Kipp Bodnar, Ellie Mirman, Mike Volpe, Pamela Vaughan, Melissa Miller, Jessica Meher, Brian McMullin, Dan Tyre, Elizabeth Dunn… gah, I know I’m leaving people out. But just get lunch with any of these people and you’ll get smarter.

2. HubSpot supports career mobility

I may have stayed four years, but I had four very different roles at HubSpot: IMC, UX Manager (I wrote all of our documentation for a year), International marketer, Head of Conversion Marketing. I’m pretty sure it’s a rare thing to work at a company that empowers employees to move around quite this much. Although there may be fewer opportunities as the company has grown, there still are opportunities, and I see people like Anum Hussain and Amanda Sibley take on awesome new projects, and I know it’s still possible. So no excuses. Make it happen.

3. I got to work on some SERIOUSLY awesome stuff

I can’t express enough gratitude for the awesome things HubSpot let me do. I got to build (what was previously from the ground up. I got to promote our Dublin office launch, go to and speak at conferences in London, Dublin, Paris, and generate #alltheleads for the international sales team. Jeetu Mahtani, thanks for everything. Seriously. Then I got to manage all of our landing pages and emails. Crazy. Which leads to the next point…

4. HubSpot gives young people tons of responsibility

I’ve seen people in their mid-20’s managing large teams here, and there’s management training to make sure they’re on the right track. Sometimes, when reflecting on my job, I thought, “OMG, HubSpot trusts me with all this? Am I good enough for this?” I think that’s the kind of feeling you should always have about your job, because it means you’re learning and growing rapidly. Never let yourself get comfortable. In the end, I got comfortable, and that’s a big reason why I’m moving on.

5. I got to learn how successful companies grow

The insights our exec team transparently shares with the company is another rarity everyone should appreciate and learn from. I was at HubSpot longer than I was in college, and my education here was worth way more than my Boston University tuition that I’m still paying back.

6. I made some life-long friends

I had HubSpotters at my wedding, and I’ve made so many friends here that I intend to keep forever. You know who you are. And hey, maybe now when we hang out after work we’ll talk about things other than HubSpot. A revolutionary concept. 😉

So if all those things are awesome, why am I leaving?

Leaving was a very personal decision. An opportunity at Localytics came to fruition incredibly quickly and is exactly what I want next for my career. But yeah, I’m a little bit terrified. HubSpot’s a hard place to leave.

This is going to sound SUPER cheesy, but throughout the years, sometimes I’d walk by a sprocket on the wall and think, “Wow, I work at HubSpot. Awesome.” The thought still crossed my mind until the end… I thought it just last month. You KNOW you’re at a great place when you think stuff like that four years in. I am incredibly excited for the future, but I am truly sad to leave.

And thanks, Brian Halligan, for giving me the chance to keep that promise.

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