Hello. I'm Diana Urban.


I’m a marketer at BookBub and author of young adult fiction.


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My fiction books aren’t published yet, but in the meantime, check out these popular flipbooks I wrote for BookBub!

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How I Tackle Edit Letters When Revising a Novel

How I Tackle Edit Letters When Revising a Novel

I recently completed a round of edits for my newest novel! Revising a novel can be tricky business. While my process is still fresh in my head, I wanted to share it for anyone who might find it useful, or to satisfy your inexplicable curiosity.

Tips for Authors Querying Literary Agents

My 6 Top Tips for Authors Querying Literary Agents (Plus Exciting News!)

I’m THRILLED to announce I’m now represented by rockstar agent Jim McCarthy! To celebrate, I’m sharing my six top tips querying literary agents.

Top Books on Writing Fiction

8 Most Helpful Books on Writing Fiction

I rarely read nonfiction, but when I do, it’s usually on the craft of writing fiction. There’s a bit of irony in there somewhere.

20 Cat GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

20 Cat GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Having a rough day? Need a break from the news? Here are 20 adorable cat GIFs to give you your daily dose of cute and feel better!

Author Website Redesign Case Study: Rachel Shane

See how author Rachel Shane went from an outdated website to a beautiful website optimized to capture emails and cater to readers’ genre interests.

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By night I torture fictional characters, a.k.a. I’m a YA thriller author. By day I’m a marketing manager at BookBub, a leading book discovery platform, where I publish book marketing tips. Follow me on Twitter @DianaUrban or like my Facebook page to stay connected!