The Guilt of Not Writing Every Day

The guilt of not writing every day

I love writing. Those moments when I build tension that terrifies even me, or add dialogue that brings a character to life, or write a description I can’t believe came from my own brain — those are the moments that make writing magical. But there are some days when, dammit, I just don’t feel like writing. After a full day of […]

How Authors Could Collaborate with Publishing House Siblings

Publishers Build Author Communities

An author’s career is fraught with emotional ups and downs, but the author community is a hugely supportive bunch. Indie authors often band together by participating in forums, forming writing groups, cross-promoting each other’s work, or even collaborating on multi-author box sets. For traditionally published authors, connecting with “pub siblings” is valuable not only to […]

Announcement: I’m Joining the BookBub Team!

Diana Urban BookBub

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining BookBub as their Industry Marketing Manager. In case you’re not familiar, BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover great ebook deals (primarily via email today), giving publishers and authors a way to drive sales and find new fans. I’ve been a customer for months, and if […]

How to Filter Out Spammers When Following #PitMad Tweets

#PitMad Spam

#PitMad is a Twitter contest that lets authors pitch their novel in 140 characters or less. If an agent or publisher favorites a pitch, they’re inviting the author to send along a query letter. Naturally, such an opportunity makes this a very popular contest, and #PitMad quickly trends on Twitter. However, when a hashtag starts trending, spammers infiltrate […]